Father Massman

Release A Dove was honoured to do a Release for Peace with Father Massman, whose weekly mass is aired on CTV Sunday mornings. The shoot took place on an absolutely ideal day, the sun was shining and the air was crisp. Father Massam began by releasing one basket of white doves, and just seconds later we unlatched all of the baskets and released a flock of 100 white doves into the air. Everyone on site could not contain their joy and excitement at the sight; once the shot had been captured, a small crowd ruptured and exploded with enthusiasm, everyone was in awe. Father Massman’s immediate adoration and appraisal for the white doves were echoed in his inspirational message of love, hope and peace.

Although there has been much negativity in the world, Father Massman still believes in spreading the message of hope through the eternal symbol of the white dove. The birds circled us several times before flying home, letting us know that they had heard our hopes and prayers as our faces stared up into the sky knowing that our message has been sent.